Money raised for charity & donated in 2019

Last year (+ a earlier pre-order*) I raised $5.99 USD from sales of the zine on gumroad ($7.51 minus gumroad's fees) which is roughly £4.60 in gbp.

I've donated this to for Simon On The Streets via justgiving.

Donation screenshots: 

"£4.60 from sales of Thoughts Of You Issue 1 on gumroad.

Thanks to everyone who's supported & purchased my zine."

(* doing pre-orders may have been a mistake, but one 'lucky' person got to have an early teaser copy of the zine before finally getting the finished issue.)

"Simon On The Streets provides emotional and practical support for people with complex needs who cannot or will not access other services. Within that group it focuses on people who are homeless and rootless, especially those with issues related to rough sleeping. Charity Registration No. 1165317"

Why I’m supporting & fundraising for Simon on the Streets. (tumblr)

- there's an expanded, more detailed version in the zine (issue 1).

For Dennis, who saw homeless people as equals.

My fundraising page: